A Pick of the New Best Books of 2018’s winter

The colder the weather gets, the more I feel like staying indoors with a steamy romance, or riveting historical fiction, so check out my list of the best books winter has to offer. Cozy up with these page-turners, from high-concept drama to rom-com, because what better time to hunker-down with new novels for the perfect winter? We may live in challenging times, but a good book is always worthy.


In case you asked Santa for some bookshelves, you should know that his season is delivering more than snow which is why I’ve got you covered with its must-read releases of pulse-pounding mysteries, great with a cup of cheer. I know I’m reading an incredible book when making my bed or cooking dinner become obstacles that won’t let me dip out of life, but luckily for me, there is an endless supply of really good books I’ll want to escape into.


I firmly believe that winter is underrated, even though sometimes stepping in a freezing puddle doesn’t feel like the perfect time of year to hole up with a stack of books, so let’s get a jump start on your hibernation with a reading nook and some tasty snacks. These are the books you’ll love, so here are the upcoming titles.


  1. Once upon a River, by Diane Setterfield

In the arms of a stranger lies the lifeless body of a child who later takes a breath as a miracle, or can science provide an explanation? Once Upon a River is a bewitching book that makes turning the pages easy, while reading of the girl who was seemingly resurrected on the banks, and Setterfield creates an ensemble of characters, set in a world that straddles the magical. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author The Thirteenth Tale comes a powerful novel about the meaning of our lives, starting on a dark midwinter’s night on the river Thames. Those who dwell on the river bank try to explain the story of the girl who died and lived again, but the child herself is unable to answer the essential questions regarding where she came from.


  1. Three Daughters of Eve, by Elif Shafak

One evening, Peri goes to a dinner party, but on her way someone tries to steal her purse which contains an old photograph, and she spends the rest of the night reflecting on the the picture, even though terrorist attacks rock Istanbul.


  1. The Caregiver, by Samuel Park

This highly anticipated novel named The Caregiver tells the story of Mara who is caring for a young woman, so expect beautiful highs in this wonderful tale and pour yourself a warming hot drink to make yourself ready.


  1. Those Who Knew, by Idra Novey

This book is certainly timely! Somewhere in an unnamed country, the young liberals are enamored with Victor, a rising political star, but Lena has intimate knowledge of his real character, and thus the writer combines the best of lyrical language and propulsive plot, balancing sharp psychological insights and humor.

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