My Selection of Top Favorite Steamy Reads for Women

From The Iliad and Shakespearean literature to the Chinese Classic of Poetry, and the Middle Eastern Epic of Gilgamesh, people have always been fascinated with hot books, so if you’re looking for super-hot recommendations, in order to help you stock up, I’ve compiled this list of novels. I appreciate the more sinful side of books as it brings along a big dose of sexual tension through a love story, just don’t think about them as the flowery type of books, or you’ll miss out. We could always use more joy, and romance novels are perfect for the happily-ever-afters, delivering on the warmth and passion that make them such exciting tales.


One quick warning: If you’re hoping to read about sex while on the beach, you should know that beach sex scenes are actually a rarity, as it’s a lot of work into them. A few years ago, people saw a literary phenomenon happening, which consisted of people hiding the book’s cover on the subway or during college orientation, and even though most are not particularly well written, most unearthed some ache we’d forgotten. If you’re looking for a sizzling read, check out my list of “steamy” books, ranging from historical romances to some of the best erotic romance novels!


For Valentine’s Day this year, get stocked on romance novels with a more sinful side and don’t rely on compulsory declarations of love. With Fifty Shades of Grey, people were encouraged people to be swept away into erotic literature, with its stunning language, stretching their conception of sexuality.


  1. Hate to Want You, by Alisha Rai

This is the story of people who overcome challenges, with an emotional gut punch, perfect to take with you on vacation if you indulge in a torrid one-night stand. Everything about this book is sexy: just imagine if Romeo and Juliet existed in the modern world they were people with deep feelings, a hero and heroine who had a really emotional relationship and met each year on a specific day.


  1. Dirty, by Megan Hart

The way Megan Hart writes is vulgar, but the book is actually a heart-wrenching romance and one of my favorite recent reads.


  1. Unmasked by the Marquess: The Regency Imposters by Cat Sebastian

An exploration of identity, this enthralling, regency romance brings along heroes such as the powerful Alistair de Lacey and Robert Selby, who was a foundling by the name of Charity Church, and the two are drawn toward one another.


  1. Promise Not to Tell, by Jayne Ann Krentz

A painter of nightmarish visions leaves some of her secrets behind, after having spent years battling the demons of her childhood time and the night a fire burned through the compound. Virginia, who survived that fire, struggles to unravel the clues in the painting, but somebody thinks she must be stopped, but Cabot and her draw closer to the mystery of their shared memories.

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