List of Top Best Seller Sexy Books I Recommend

Between pink cocktails and flowers, you might remember your sexual awakening, no matter how you feel about erotic books, even though they are a frequently misunderstood genre that deserves the attention. I’ve included the books you should definitely check out along with some obvious choices.

People seem to forget that erotic turns us on sexually, and this is different for everyone, which is why not every erotic novel revolves around billionaires, although the most popular titles do a great love story, if you’re willing to explore further. Furthermore, not all of these books are pure romance, as you can find fantasy or  mystery through reading them: I don’t abide by hard genre rules, but I didn’t include anything considered classic.

Welcome to the best romance list by bestselling authors, based on their all-time sales but subjective judgment as well, for newbie romance readers and for seasoned romance readers alike. If you really feel like I missed one of the best, let me know!

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James

When the unworldly literature student Anastasia Steele meets Christian Grey, a man who is brilliant, she is startled to realize she wants to get close to him, despite his enigmatic reserve, finding herself unable to resist. For all the trappings of success, Grey is a man consumed by the need to control, so a daring physical affair begins, unraveling her own dark desires in an amusing tale that will possess you, provided you’re mature enough.

  1. Open Me, by Lisa Locascio

Due to an administrative error, Roxana Olsen is transferred to a study in Denmark, but instead of joining the group, she starts a twisted relationship in a small Danish town.

  1. Forever, by Judy Blume

When you build something up in your mind, sometimes it doesn’t live up to your expectations, so be aware that this book is about exploring the innocence of teenage sexuality in 1975.

  1. The Scandal of It All, by Sophie Jordan

This book turns the whole historical romance trope on its head as we really don’t see this kind of story often: a young beautiful woman who married an older man and cared about him. After he dies, she has another widow best friend, who has access to a pleasure club, so she goes there and ends up with her stepson’s best friend, even though she’s never thought of him in any way.

  1. Escorted, by Claire Kent

She hired him, but now she wants even more, as she’s never been anything but a flop with love, still a virgin and increasingly. She assumes one time will be enough, but once isn’t nearly enough and soon, she becomes one of his regular clients, and tries not to fall in love with him, but despite his professionalism, he doesn’t seem immune. If you don’t have a partner, I suggest you hire an escort to experiment, as it is very easy to find an escort agency, so keep this idea in mind in case you are a single woman.

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